Choosing the best payment method

One of the essential things in online gambling is banking. After the player has found the right casino, the next step is payments. To play games, players need to make deposits, and after winning, there’s withdraws. In these situations, players want to be treated right and fair. That’s why there are a few things that players should know about payment methods and which one to use.
Every casino offers many different payment methods, and they may differ. There are always three options – credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers. The most popular ways that are accepted almost in all online casinos are Visa, Mastercard, Maestro card, Skrill, Neteller and Trustly. Without these, there are plenty other chances which are accepted in separate casinos. Which one to choose? It depends on what’s essential for the player – the security, the time, the limits, the reliability, etc.
First of all, to choose the payment method, the player should make sure it’s secure, trusted, fair and available in a specific country. Make sure that the selected payment method is approved by higher authority. That this method is available in your country and it fits for the easy use.
The second thing that probably matters is time. Read the details about the chosen payment method. Usually, the longest time takes Bank transfers and credit/debit cards. Bank transfer is a payment method from account to account. For deposits, it might not be a big problem cause it won’t make a long time, but for withdraws, it might take even ten days. It’s because by choosing this payment method all there will need a check, so to remove the money a casino probably will write a check, and while the bank will get it and accept it, it can take a week or more. But in this case, the player can be sure that all is officially and fair. The credit/debit cards usually take till five days. In this case, it depends on what kind of card player and online casino has. If its the same than the payment process can even take a few hours but if it’s not then a few days. The fastest way to make deposits and withdraws is with e-wallets. It’s an electronic way with many currency options. It’s an electronic account that can be used in many places, also a casino. In the last time, this is the most popular payment way for gamblers, cause it’s easy, fast and there is no need for a credit card. All the cash flow is electronic and can be received in banks.
And the third thing – limits. Most of the casinos set the deposit and withdraw limits. Usually, they are same to all options, and it depends on the casino rules, but you should take in mind that sometimes these limits are different for credit/debit cards and e-wallets. Often e-wallets have more significant limits than other payment options. And that’s what players should check!
We have found out six the most chosen payment methods, and we liked to introduce you with a little description of each of them.


Neteller is established in 1999 in Canada. It’s one of the most popular and most used payment methods. It’s an e-wallet and its known as a no-frills payment method. It’s hard to find the online casino that wouldn’t offer this payment method, so that means it’s available almost in every casino, except the United States casinos. This payment method works fast and fair. The accidents and mistakes observed rarely. By using this payment method, customers receive convenience, instant transactions and quality customer support. With Neteller, players can have quick deposits and instant withdraws!
+The card details are protected from third parties
+One of the highest transfer limits
+Allowed withdrawal
+ Flexibility with other payment methods
-During deposits, there is a fee


PayPal works from 1998 and its created in the USA. It’s another top payment method that players like to use. Here, we want to mention that this payment method is not famous only for online casino players but also for many other online services, most of them are shopping. It’s the globally largest online payment system. PayPal is accepted in many online casinos, but we can’t say that its available in almost all. It has an excellent reputation in trust, and it’s secured by two authentication ways – PIN code numbers and an SSL encryption. By choosing a PayPal for your payment option, the deposits will be for free, but the withdrawals will have a small fee.
+One of the safest payment methods
+Automatic currency changer
+Avaliable for mobile
+Cashbacks and bonuses
-Not available on all online casinos
-Fee for withdraws


Visa was created in 1958 in the USA. It’s a credit card that is the most accepted and especially in Europe. Also for online casinos, Visa is the credit card that is the most popular and is available almost in all casinos.
Visa card is easy to get and use. In the case that you have already a Visa card, it’s easy to get another one. That’s the one reason why gamblers like this kind of payment method. With Visa card, players can have instant deposits, but limited withdrawals.
+Widely accepted
+Fast to get it
+Popular for Europeans
+Instant deposits
-Safety risks
-Limited withdraws


Mastercard was created in 1966 in the USA. It’s almost the same popular as Visa credit card. Mastercard is offered almost in all online casinos and gamblers very often chose this option. The advantage of this payment option is that it has four different card types – Credit, Debit, Prepaid and Gift card. The reason why many players and casinos accept this card is that it has proven their trust and security. With Mastercard there is diversity in fees – it means that in each casino for each Mastercard type is a different fee or no fee at all. Mastercard ensures the instant deposits and withdrawals on the same day or in the three-day time frame.
+Has elite credit cards for particular customers
+Avaliable in many casinos for many countries
+Trustable and secure method
+High limits for deposits
-The card may have a fees
-Restricted for the United States residents


Skrill is another e-wallet that is most used in online gambling. It was created in England in 2001. This method is prevalent for United Kingdom residents, but it doesn’t exclude other counties. Unfortunately, there is a restriction for Americans. The Skrill payment option is accepted in almost all online casinos, and it’s one of the most chosen e-wallet options right after the Neteller. Similar to other e-wallets this is a network service that guarantees the highest data security, no third parties and fast money transfer. Skrill might have fees for deposits or withdrawals, but it depends on the casino rules and mostly if there are fees than these are small amounts. Many players choose Skrill as their payment option cause it’s safe, fast and with high limits.
+The card details are protected from third parties
+Accepts many currencies
+One of the most upper transfer limits
+24/7 customer support
-Deposits and withdraws may have small fees
-Not available for Americans

Bank Transfer/ Bank Wire Transfer

Bank Transfer was invented already many years ago in the 19th century in the United Kingdom. It’s one of the oldest ways for money transfer. It was very popular many years ago, and in some ways, it’s still popular. What applies to online gambling, this is the option for those who like old and trusted methods without involving credit/debit cards or using new technologies like e-wallets. Bank transfer works in the old style – to transfer the money to the casino, a player needs to send the cash through its local bank account or special cash office. There is usually checks and formalities that need to be filled up, and that’s why this method takes a lot longer time than credit/debit cards or e-wallets. But no matter the time its proven safe and totally official method. Bank transfers use top-level encryptions, security methods and SWIFT numbers.
+Accepted in almost every online casino
+The card details are protected from third parties
+One of the safest payment methods
+Accept large amount transfers
-Takes a long time to transactions
-Multiple fees