The Mega Jackpot on the very first spin – €128 359 by Anibal Lopes

Here’s another lucky story about some guy from New Jersey. His name is Anibal Lopes, and he’s 33 years old. The story about the big win is incredible. In 2018, March 26, Monday, the guy finished his work and got home. By feeling bored, he decided to try out some online gambling. It was his first experience in this casino and how we see it was surprisingly lucky.
Anibal registred on SugarHouse Online Casino from his smartphone. When all the formality things were done, he checked out the game lists and approx 30 minutes latter chose the jackpot slot game Divine Fortune. And that’s where the story about unbelievable started! Just by one spin, Anibal hit the €128 359 jackpot. The player was shocked and didn’t believe at the start. As he said, the first person that he told about the winning was his wife. In the beginning, he surprised her with unexpected emotions about his physically feels like he wasn’t feeling well and at one moment he felt that he couldn’t even stand because of his legs shaking. After that his wife got worried, but when Anibal told about the reason why he’s feeling like that, the wife couldn’t believe. After a while when both of them were recovered, they understand that their life will change a lot now.
Anibal Lopes used the big win for noble goals. Part of the money he used to pay all bills, another part of the money he used to restore their house and a part of the money he invested into his six years old sons savings account.