Michelle from Ireland hits up a €10 533 winning on The Cash Splash Slot

There is always a myth about Irish people and their special luck. It’s a story about some women named Michelle that made this myth more believable. In 2018, December, Michelle didn’t even know that her life will change after this day. Michelle was living an ordinary pregnant woman’s days, the regular checkups to doctor, walks and a lot of free time. That day Michelle was going to the hospital for her daily visit. While she was waiting her turn, she felt bored and looked into some social media site, and then the advertisement of Genesis Casino showed up. As she felt very bored she decided to try out this casino, so she registered into this casino and started to play The Cash Splash slot with a quite small amount for bet €3. Making spin by spin the time went faster, but after a few turns, she accidentally triggered the winning combination. The women were surprised and in the first minutes, didn’t understand what just happened. Once Michelle got from her shock, she felt unspeakably happy. Irish Lucky Lady Michelle who’s now a mother, a small part of the winning spend on Christmas gifts for her family and friends, but the money that left, she plans to spend on things for the baby and a little vacation.