A classic slot machine or a video slot machine?

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Slot machine history starts from classic slot machines where the symbols were fruits and awards at the beginning was simple things like a free drink, bubble gums, cigarettes, etc. Nowadays there are many variations for slot machines – classic, video, jackpot, etc. This time the story will be about the differences between classic slots and video slots.

Even the classic slots were the beginning of slot invention, and now there is a massive offer of video slots, casinos still offer classic slots. And that rise a question – what is the difference between these slots?
Well, the main difference is the number of reels. Classic slots usually have only three reels, while video slots offer five and more reels. Classic slots are made very close to the first slot machines, the old ones – three reels and symbols like fruits, but video slots have a broader approach with thousand themes, variations of symbols and numbers of paylines. And here’s the second difference – paylines. The real classic slots have only one pay line which is usually the centre of the reels, but if we look at the video slots than there are many chances to win, cause the number of paylines might reach till thousands. The next difference is in opportunities in the games and symbol bonuses. Classic slots usually don’t have any special features that might increase the winnings. In the rare cases, some classic slots are equipped with wild symbols or multipliers, but you should take in mind that real classic slot is without these extras. Unlike classic slots, video slots include many extra options that can increase the chances of winning. There’s usually wilds, multipliers, scatter symbols, bonus icons, free spin icons, bonus wheels, etc. As we mentioned before one of the fact that is different between these two kinds of slots are the themes. That’s another big difference. Classic slots are not created in any particular topics, and there is no story or basics on some series, movies or writers. Classic slots are simple machines, where as symbols is used well-known slot symbols like bells, fruits, crystals, bars and sevens. In this case, video slots is a world of imaginary. Video slots usually are created by some theme. Often they are based on some popular movies, series, stories, people or actions. As symbols are used appropriately characters, animals, items or things that describes the theme. There are specially selected soundtracks and atmosphere of the game is made to make a player fully enjoy the game. The last thing we want to mention for differences is the jackpot chances. If we hear the words “Classic slot” we, of course, think that in classic slots can’t be any jackpots. We agree, but only partly. The truth is that, of course, originally classic slots were made without jackpot chances, but now some of the slots are offered with progressive jackpot chance. But here you need to take in mind that opportunities to get jackpot in the classic slot are a lot smaller than in video slots. In classic slots to win a pot a player usually needs to win on specific paylines with specific symbols. In this situation, the video games could make you happier – many video slots offers the jackpot chances and believe it or not, the opportunities to get the jackpot is a lot bigger cause here the pot can also be won randomly.
We conclude that of course there is a difference between these slots, but we can’t say that one of the slot types is better than other. Here all depends on players taste and interests.

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