Attract the luck in Gambling

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Gambling and luck are two things that are interconnected. A lot of players think that gambling is a game of strategies and knowledge while others believe that all depends on success. No matter how players are trying to say that it’s knowledge and strategies they still have a little hope inside that this time will be lucky. But unfortunately, there is no recipe or manuals that confirms the luck to you and help to win. Of course, the network is full of the suggestions that need to be done if you want to win – wear special clothes, bracelets, chins, make actions, etc. We got interested in this theme and tried to find out some of the sayings and rituals that may be tried. After we did the research, we also tried these things and believed it or not, some of them really worked. Maybe it was only a coincidence, but maybe not. To find out the truth we decided to introduce you with these rituals to make sure by yourself – is its working or no.

The first is called Feng Shui. For gambling, there are few things determined by Feng Shui:

  • Players can’t gamble in places where someone is reading a book;
  • Players can’t sit next to a window;
  • Players cant sit with their back to a door;
  • Players cant sit on the west side of the room.

Without these suggestions, Feng Shui has a particular Sea Salt Ritual that attracts luck. This ritual says that a few grams of sea salt in the wallet attracts good luck. So that means, that players should get sea salt, take few grams of it and put into the small plastic bag. The plastic bag should be put inside the wallet, but in the place where it’s not very visible. This bag can stay in a wallet just for one month, and after a month player needs to replace it with a new one.

The second thing we found out and tried is Chinese superstitions.

Chinese has many sayings and superstitions about many things, but we found out two the most potent superstitions for gambling. The first one is about pregnant women. Players shouldn’t gamble against the pregnant women, but gamble with her. Why? Cause Chinese believes that a pregnant woman is an extra woman who has extra eyes and that she is carrying her luck inside her belly. That’s why they say that a gambler should gamble with her and that means – pregnant women need to stand behind the player and do not touch the player. Then the luck will be on your side!
The other superstition is about water and toilet. Chinese says that water is their money so that’s why the gamblers who win in the game can’t go to the bathroom if he wants to continue playing. Now you probably are thinking about how it affects the player? The answer is simple. If Chinese money is water than by going to the bathroom after a win, you lose the personal water, and that means you are literally flushing away the money.

In the Western there are some superstitions that gamblers try to follow to keep their luck to them:

  • They wear their best clothes to the casino;
  • If they play a gambling game with dices then before they throw them, they blow air on them;
  • They carry with them one of these three things – horseshoe, rabbit’s foot or four-leafed clover;
  • Some of them keep the real badger’s tooth in their left-hand trousers pocket;
  • They try to wear something red;
  • They cross their legs while they are gambling.

The last thing that is very popular is your own made rituals that bring luck to you.

That means you can hold up to actions that you always to before gambling, the favourite and lucky numbers or colours, etc. The idea of self rituals is that once you win gambling, you should think about what did you wear, how did you act, who was with you, if there was something that you never did before, etc.

In the end, we might like to say that these are just opportunities that we found and that seemed pretty interesting for us, so we shared them with you all. We don’t guarantee that these suggestions will work, but if you feel excited than maybe try out and you will find your successful formula!

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